Big Bertha V Series

Our Fastest Bertha Yet.

EU Retail Date: 22/08/14

There are many ways to find distance – one of them is speed. And speed (and lots of it) is exactly what we’re bringing in the Big Bertha V Series Driver. It’s the newest member of our Big Bertha Family, built for distance from lightweight materials, better aerodynamics and refined components, with a high MOI and OptiFit adjustability. We’ve said it and we’ll say it again, it’s here to give you more speed than you’ve ever had so you can get #BerthaLong.

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Tech Callouts

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– A lightweight design starting at 290 grams. A lighter club helps create more clubhead speed, which helps create more ball speed, which helps you hit the ball a long way.
– Aerodynamic shaping lowers drag through the entire swing to give you faster swing speeds.
– Forged Composite material in the crown that’s lighter, leading to maximum clubhead speed for higher ball speed.
– This proven face technology delivers higher ball speeds across the face so you consistently hammer long drives.
– Lighter, hotter (of course) and more robust to help produce those increased ball speeds.
– An adjustable hosel that lets you choose from a combination of 8 different loft (-1, S, +1, +2) and lie angles (Draw or Neutral) to find your optimized trajectory and shot shape.
– One more way that we give you more speed in the Big Bertha V Series – an ultra lightweight Mitsubishi Bassara Shaft.

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