Big Bertha V Series Fairway Wood

Our Fastest, Most Friendly Bertha Fairway Wood.

EU Retail Date: 22/08/14

How did we build the new Big Bertha V Series Fairway Woods to give you speed, long distance, speed, versatility, speed, friendliness, and more speed? By packing in all the lightweight speed optimized technology you can handle, putting in our Modern Warbird soleplate for that versatility, and adding new high launch designs to easily get the ball moving up in the air. So they’re a lot faster off the clubface (that’s an understatement), you can hit them from anywhere, and here’s something you’ll want to know…they’re the most friendly fairway wood we’ve ever made.

(Oh, and P.S., remember the legendary Heavenwood? We’re bringing it back as a special V Series option!)

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Tech Callouts

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Speed Optimized Technology
• An advanced, lightweight aerodynamic clubhead design to deliver maximum clubhead speed for superior ball speed and greater distance
• Lightweight shaft to generate faster clubhead speeds
Hyper Speed Face
• It increases ball speeds across the face for longer, more consistent distance
Modern Warbird Soleplate
• Increases versatility from everywhere with an updated design that builds off of one of the most versatile fairway woods ever produced
High Launch Design
• Increases launch angle to get the ball up in the air for improved distance, especially when the impact is low on the clubface
• Higher launch helps to create our most forgiving fairway wood ever
Special Heavenwood Option
• Every golfer could use the new Heavenwood in their bag. This unique fairway wood configuration can provide more consistent distance and tighter dispersion than you might get from, say, a standard 4-wood and 7-wood setup.

Callaway Talks – Big Bertha V-Series Introduction  Download Video / Watch Video

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