Lucky 777 Putters

The #7 putter has been a leading money-maker on Tour for almost a decade now.  With its performance and overall appeal, it’s quickly earning a place as one of the best putters ever designed. And for our special line of #7’s , we’re coming out with some looks and options no one has ever seen before in this model. If you get your hands on one of these beauties,  you’ll have a stroke of luck headed your way.

The detailed milling and advanced construction of this putter highlight the best of our industrial design and  functional engineered performance. It has a high MOI and weighted alignment wings that make it incredibly  forgiving and so easy to align. And the casino themed aluminium sole plate not only makes this a work of art, it also  allows us to remove weight for adjustability options and unbelievable performance.

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GBP 429
EUR Ireland 599
EUR Continental 777
CHF 777
SEK 5995
DKK 4999
NOK 5995
EUR Finland 777