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  • Big Bertha OS Irons

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We Built a Cage and Unlocked More Distance

Big Bertha OS Irons incorporate a revolutionary clubhead construction, called the Exo-Cage, that promotes more distance in an entirely new way. How? The Exo-Cage’s extraordinary combination of strength and light weight allows Callaway engineers to distribute more discretionary weight into strategic locations to promote more forgiveness and to allow our next-generation 360 Face Cup technology to function more efficiently. The result is more ball speed across the face to give you more distance on every swing.

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GBP 1099                               849
EUR Ireland 1399                  1099
EUR 1399                              1199
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NOK 10995                            8995
EUR Finland 1149                   949


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Callaway Sr. VP of R&D, Dr. Alan Hocknell, takes you through the industry-leading innovations and technologies in new Big Bertha OS Irons and Hybrids.