• MD3 Milled Gold Nickel Wedges

    Product at retail 01/07/2016

Get Up and Down From Anywhere

The MD3 Milled Gold Nickel Wedges have the versatility for every shot. By leveraging our S-Grind, our new milled Progressive Groove Optimization system that optimizes spin for each loft, and the advanced shaping, you can hit all the shots you need around the green.

Legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland received extensive input from Tour players, and he used their feedback to craft the toe profile, sole and grinds of MD3 Milled. And now you have a rich gold nickel finish for soft feel with a clean appearance. These wedges give you everything you need to get up and down from anywhere.

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GBP: 109
EUR: 149
CHF: 169
SEK: 1499
NOK: 1399
DKK: 1199


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