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  • Odyssey Highway 101 Putters

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Odyssey Highway 101 Putters

California has long been a hot bed for creativity in design. Down the southern coast is Carlsbad, home of Odyssey Golf and the Mecca for golf club designers. To pay homage to our hometown, we’ve developed a line of putters dedicated to one of the most recognizable landmarks ever in California, U.S. Highway 101.

The aesthetic design is a tribute to the 101, and the technology pays off Odyssey’s heritage of continuous innovation. The key highlight is our latest insert technology that we call the Sound Chamber. Behind the 17-4 stainless steel insert with our patented Metal-X pattern is a uniquely engineered chamber, specifically designed to allow resonation that provides a crisp sound and feel at impact.


We take you through the inspiration for the design on our new Highway 101 Putters, along with the head shapes, and key technology with our Odyssey Global Product Strategy Director, Chris Koske.

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