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Odyssey Principal Designer, Austie Rollinson takes you through the alignment technologies that highlight our new Odyssey Works Big T Putters, and discusses the initial inspiration for these models.

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Odyssey Works Big T Putters

Big T takes our revolutionary Versa and Marxman alignment systems and puts them together. It’s part of Odyssey Works, a high performance technology platform that takes everything we know about putting and puts it to work.

This line takes our Fusion RX insert where feel meets roll and combines it with dual alignment that gives you the ultimate setup to the ball. Yes, you really get all that proven technology in one putter. That’s why Odyssey Works Big T will be the benchmark for performance putters with dual alignment.

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  • Odyssey Works Putters

    Embargo is June 5th, 2015
    Product at retail June 12th, 2015

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Odyssey Works Big T #5

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Odyssey Works Big T Blade

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Odyssey Works Big T V-Line

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Odyssey Works Big T V-Line CS

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