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  • Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser

    Embargo is 06/10/2015
    Product at retail 30/10/2015

Feel Meets Roll and Adjustable Counterbalance

Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser Putters take our revolutionary Versa alignment and adjustable counterbalance and put them together in Tour proven head shape models. They’re part of Odyssey Works, a high performance technology platform that takes everything we know about putting and puts it to work.

These new putters have combined the best selling, best feeling, most trusted insert ever with quicker roll that gets the ball into a pure roll faster. And we’ve added the adjustable Tank counterbalance head weighting and grip weighting to find the putter balance you want for your most consistent stroke. Yes, you really get all that proven technology in one putter.

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GBP 219
EUR Ireland 299
EUR Continental 299
CHF 369
SEK 2,799
DKK 2,199
NOK 2,699
EUR Finland 299

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#1: Hi-Res / Lo-Res

2-Ball Fang: Hi-Res / Lo-Res

#7: Hi-Res / Lo-Res

V-Line: Hi-Res / Lo-Res

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