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  • Odyssey X-Act Tank Chippers

    Embargo is 28/06/2016
    Product at retail 15/07/2016

Built to get you up and down

The X-Act Tank Chipper is a new short-game option that utilizes our Tank weighting philosophy to help ensure a smoother swing, promoting more consistent contact. It’s designed to function like an Approach Putter, providing an easy-to-hit option that plays perfectly between a putter and a wedge for those tricky shots around the greens. The Hi-Def Marxman Alignment System significantly increases accuracy while the soft polymer insert and hybrid-like sole design help get the ball out of trouble and rolling right to the hole.

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X-Act Chipper


GBP  109
EUR Ireland  159
EUR Continental  149
CHF  169
SEK  1499
DKK  1199
NOK  1399
EUR Finland  149


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With a hybrid-like X-Act sole to improve turf interaction, Marxman Hi-Def Alignment System and heavy Tank design, the new X-Act Tank Chipper is a club that will make the short game a much, much easier for a lot of golfers.