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  • New Chrome Soft Golf Ball

    Embargo is 19/01/2016
    Product at retail 05/02/2016

Super long and super straight with low 55 compression

The new Superhot 55 Golf Ball is super long, super straight, and has a low 55 compression to give you incredibly soft feel. Our proven aerodynamics promote low drag and optimal lift for a strong flight that keeps the ball in the air longer, so you get more distance from tee-to-green. The soft mantle layer and cover system work to lower spin for reduced hooks and slices so your shots fly straight. And it lets you compress the ball with soft feel.

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GBP  24.99
EUR Ireland  34.99
EUR Continental  36
CHF  49
SEK  329
DKK  299
NOK  329
EUR Finland  36


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Callaway Sr. Director of Golf Ball R&D, Dave Bartels, gives you the full details on the Superhot 55 Golf Ball Golf Ball.