From those state-to-state business trips to recreational cross-country excursions, we know today’s modern man experiences life all across this great country. This season, we’re venturing from our Southern California roots and hiting the road to soak up inspiration from every corner of the United States.

The Spring/Summer 2019 Collection features lifestyle apparel that can be worn from bustling cities of New England and the beaches of Florida to the California shores and everywhere in-between. Like meeting new people on vacation or getting to know your neighbor on that cross-country flight, now you get to discover new colors, new designs and some updated favorites. Forget the road map and GPS…it’s time to enjoy the journey this season as TravisMathew takes you fron Coast to Coast.

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Our fabrics continue to evolve to fit every type of man and every type of occasion. Built with durability, comfort and style in mind, you choose the activity and we’ll have a fabric to match.

THE TRUSH                      77

NEMATS                             77

A GRADE                             77

BIG MIKE                            77

MALM                                777


WIZ WITH                        777

BENSON                             77

PTO                                       77

CROW                                  77


WANDERLUST                   777