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  • XR 16 Sub Zero Driver

    Embargo is 15/03/2016
    Product at retail 15/04/2016

Extreme Low Spin For The Best Players

The XR 16 Sub Zero represents the lowest Center of Gravity we’ve ever engineered in a driver. This means players with high swing speeds that generate a lot of spin can use the extremely low spin Sub Zero to drive the ball even farther. We used a new proprietary Carbon Triax Crown that’s our lowest carbon crown ever to redistribute weight below the neutral axis.

Then we added two interchangeable weights in the head (10g and 2g) to fine tune the launch and spin you need to maximize distance. You can move the heavy weight forward for the lowest spinning, flattest trajectory or move the heavy weight back to promote a slightly higher trajectory and more forgiveness. And you can choose from 20 premium, no upcharge shafts to fit your swing speed. This driver has also been proven on Tour this year by players like Phil Mickelson.

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Callaway Sr. R&D Manager of Woods, Evan Gibbs, joins us to talk about the technology in the new XR 16 Sub Zero Driver.