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  • XR OS Irons

    Embargo is 12/01/2016
    Product at retail is 22/01/2016

XR OS Irons

Easier To Hit, More Forgiving, and Long with our Industry-Leading Face Cup

For the XR OS Irons, we took our industry-leading Face Cup technology, made the Face Cup even faster, and put it into a wider sole design that’s easier to hit and more forgiving. It’s easy to launch and easy to pick up distance with the Face Cup for players who want to add ball speed and hit the ball farther.

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XR OS Irons – Download


XR OS Irons – Download


XR OS Irons – Download

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XR OS Irons – Download


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Graphite (7 Irons)            Steel (7 Irons)

GBP 749                                599
EUR Ireland 1049                  849
EUR 999                                899
CHF 1085                               980
SEK 7999                             6999
DKK 5999                             5499
NOK 7499                            6499
EUR Finland 829                   729